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God takes care of His kids!

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When you’re a FT missionary supported by an awesome team you make financial decisions a little differently. My friends are YWAMER’s and there daughter came to them asking about the possibility of taking ballet in Berlin, Germany they sat down with her and prayed. That’s what you do. You ask God. […]

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Making God Known

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In the beginning, I faced many problems regarding my kids’ ministry, but I had a strong faith in God, that He will help me to do something different, and he did. I remember the first day I got saved reading Lauren Cunninham’s book in a Discipleship class “is that really you God” My […]

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Modeling Christ at Home

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I find the Bible stories about the childhoods of both Moses and Samuel quite fascinating. In both cases, the mothers only had them until they were weaned. Common opinion of the times was that it was between 4 and 5 years of age. At that point, both were sent into either pagan or dysfunctional […]

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A decision for life

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Baptism tells a story of being rescued from sin by Jesus through faith in His death and resurrection. Being baptized does not save you. Placing your faith in Jesus alone saves you. Baptism is a picture of what God has already done in the heart of a believer. A outward sign of a inward […]

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Table Talk

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We all want our kids to emotionally healthy. What about spiritual health? Is that an automatic by-product of eating supper with your family? Well….depends on a number of factors. First of all, if you are a splintered family at supper time, maybe you should seriously reconsider your schedule and […]

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The Importance of Family Worship

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Church leaders and Christian parents are beginning to put more emphasis on the role of the family in the spiritual development of children. In Matthew 22, Jesus pointed to the most important commandment in the Bible: “ ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and […]

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Make God Known

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If we want our children to know God and not just know about Him, we need to teach them to pray and listen. God speaks today and prayer is very important. Start them young just like you train them to brush their teeth and make their beds. Pray with them. Children can hear all […]

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Dishering and Praying

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I had one of my youngest children from PowerClub today share with me that he disobeyed God. He went to his cousins house and he heard the Holy Spirit say “Do not watch that TV show” But he did anyway. He came home and went to sleep and got scared because […]

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Friday’s Passion

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Friday’s Passion is a event we do in our community. A reenactment of Christ Death and resserection. It is a parade down our Main St. and the gospel shared after his resserection. Along with Worship and children sharing the gospel along with the adults. Thank you Lord for Salvations!

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As a children’s Pastor I train my children to discern and I love it when I hear the story’s of how God speaks to them. I had one little boy that got a video game called Monsters and he told me he played it once but he felt a impression that God didn’t […]

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