SSCM Training

How Does the Training Work?

SSCM is a correspondence course, which students study on their own, or in a group. Students go at their own pace based on their own lifestyle and schedule. There is no deadline imposed by KIMI. The student(s) sets their own goals individually or as a group. Once a student(s) receives the course, all of the instructions of exactly what to do are included on the very first CD. It lists the sessions, and tells how to do the homework assignments, and how to keep track of one’s lessons. There is a letter of intent to be printed out by the student and sent in to our office so the training facilitator knows they are officially enrolling as a student. She then coaches them throughout the training.

The student must listen or watch each session and takes notes from what they learn. Those notes are then typed up and sent in to our training facilitator via email or mail. In addition to listening or watching the recordings, the student must also read the book Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century, which comes free as a part of purchasing the School, and do a book report on it. The student and the training facilitator keep track on a chart of all of the sessions completed.

When all of the assignments have been turned it, a letter of completion is sent to the student declaring them an official graduate of SSCM. All certificates are held, however, until KIMI’s annual leadership conference which is held the first week of October each year. At this conference, SSCM graduation ceremonies are held, and certificates are awarded to all students who are able to attend. During this ceremony, the leaders of Kids in Ministry International lay hands on each student, and pray an impartation prayer over them. For those students who are not able to attend, KIMI leaders pray over the certificates of the missing graduates, which are sent in the mail to the student later.


Groups Studying Together Either By Correspondence or Live Events

Frequently entire church groups want to take the course together. We welcome this. There are no additional fees that need to be paid, and as many people as desire can study and become certified graduates from just the one course purchased by the sponsoring church. A real bonus to going through together as a group is, as long as the leader takes roll call, and confirms each student has actually been in attendance and has watched the DVDs, written notes are then not required. We at KIMI simply want to know the students heard/saw the material.

Likewise, occasionally some of our state directors hold LIVE SSCM training courses in their areas. For those students who attend LIVE sessions, they are not required to submit notes either. But the leader of the training session has to verify in writing which people attended the training. Our goal is simply to have proof a student actually heard/saw the teachings.


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