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List of Children’s Ministry Training Course Titles:

There are 45 one-hour sessions included in the SCCM course available in DVDs (recommended), CDs, or MP3s. They are divided into three categories: The Vision, The Prophetic, and the Practical.

The Vision Category lays out why we need to do something different than we have been if we want to raise up committed disciples of Jesus in our children and impart into them a love for God’s word, and a passion to lay down their lives for the Gospel. It lays out where it is we want to go in discipling our children and  why.

The Prophetic Category deals with a variety of spiritual issues facing our children today, and how to keep them on track with the supernatural gospel, by giving them authentic encounters with the Holy Spirit in a deliberate way. This is the most supernatural generation we had in decades, but if we are not careful, they can be deceived into the counterfeit of what God has for them. This is the Joel 2:28 Generation, and we need to train them in the authentic supernatural life of Christ.

The Practical Category is primarily for those involved in regular children’s ministry, whether it is in a church, a neighborhood or on the mission field. But it is also beneficial for families who want to make family worship a part of their lifestyle. It shows you how to put on an effective children’s service that pulls them into the presence of God, helping you with all the individual elements that make a children’s ministry great and likeable to kids, and yet effective in spiritual impact.

For all certified graduates of the course, new DVDs can be purchased at a 50% discount and the MP3 versions will be given for free for life (one of the nice perks of becoming certified!)

                                   Category One – The Vision

1.    Evaluating the Church & Her Children – Becky Fischer 

2.    I Hate Sunday School. It’s so Boring! Becky Fischer

3.    What to Teach Children and Why – Becky Fischer

4.    True Mentoring & Discipling Children – Becky Fischer

5.    Generational Destiny – Pamela Ayres

6.     Kids as a Missionfield – Becky Fischer  

7.     Scriptural Basis for Children’s Ministry  Becky Fischer

8.     PowerClubs: Planting Churches of Children Becky Fischer

9.     Creating a Biblical Worldview – Becky Fischer

10.    The Joshua Factor (Circumcising a New Generation) – Becky Fischer

11.    Is Children’s Ministry Biblical? – Becky Fischer 

12.   What Makes this Generation Unique – Becky Fischer

13.    Kids of Power  – Becky Fischer

14.    A Holy & Righteousness Generation  – Becky Fischer

15.    Children & the Holy Spirit – Becky Fischer

                                     Category Two – The Prophetic

16.    The Supernatural World of This Generation – Becky Fischer 

17.    Children Know Supernaturally (Gifts of the Spirit 1-3) Pamela Ayres

18.    Children Speak Supernaturally (Gifts of the Spirit 4-6) – Pamela Ayres

19.    Children Act Supernaturally (Gifts of the Spirit 7-9) – Pamela Ayres

20.    What the Prophets Are Saying About this Generation  – Becky Fischer 

21.     Babies & God – Becky Fischer 

22.    Preschoolers & God – Becky Fischer

23.    Prophetic Children in History Becky Fischer

24.    Gender Identity Issues in Children – Becky Fischer

25.    Guiding Our Kids Through the Spirit World Becky Fischer

26.    Equipping Children in Spiritual Warfare – Tami Brown

27.    Autism: A Kingdom Perspective – Tami Brown

28.    Deliverance and Kids –  Becky Fischer

29.    Who Is Called to Children’s Ministry – Pamela Ayres

30.    How the Kingdom of Darkness Operates with Kids – Tami Brown

                                  Category Three – The Practical

31.   The KIMI Pattern of Children’s Ministry – Pamela Ayres

32.   Reaching the Heart of a Child Through Games Pamela Ayres  

33.   Thou Shalt Have Object Lessons Becky Fischer

34.   Altar Services as an Art Form – Becky Fischer 

35.    Creative Use of Drama Becky Fischer

36.    Understanding Children & Worship Becky Fischer

37.    Prophetic Worship with Flags & Banners – Pamela Ayres 

38.    Quick and Easy Scripture Memorization – Becky Fischer

39.     How to Use KIMI Curriculums – Becky Fischer 

40.    Skills in Becoming an Effective Teacher Becky Fischer

41.    Discipline Can Be Fun – Laura Diehl 

42.    Child Protection Policies – Laura Diehl

43.   Tips on Training Kids in the Prophetic Becky Fischer & Pamela Ayres

44.   Breaking Through to Your Breakthrough Pamela Ayres

45.   How to Start a PowerClub – Becky Fischer

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