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Who wouldn't want a babyWe believe that according to the Word of God, children are fully capable of receiving and acting on the gospel including salvation through the blood of Jesus, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, water baptism, communion, and operating in the gifts of the Spirit when these things are taught simply and on their
level of understanding.

We believe that anything of and by the Spirit that God has for adults is also available to children. We believe that childhood is the time that God designed for people to receive the gospel, and that we must all become as little children to receive the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18:1-14)

We believe we have a mandate from heaven to teach children the word of God (John 21:15/Deuteronomy 6:1-9 and 20:21.) We believe that children are a part of God’s end time army and that the Great Commission of preaching the gospel to all nations, laying hands on the sick, raising the dead, speaking in tongues (Matthew 28:19-20/Mark 16:15-16/Acts 2:16-17) fully applies to born again children as well as adults.

We believe according to scriptural example (Judges 16:26/Matthew 2:2-7) that children will play a major role in ushering in the last great revival and the soon return of Jesus.

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