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God takes care of His kids!


When you’re a FT missionary supported by an awesome team you make financial decisions a little differently. My friends are YWAMER’s and there daughter came to them asking about the possibility of taking ballet in Berlin, Germany they sat down with her and prayed. That’s what you do. You ask God. As they prayed together as a family it went something to the effect of, “God, you know our hearts & you certainly love dance. What would you say to us about Katie taking ballet lessons in Berlin?” God loves to talk to us ALL! He really likes it when His kids talk to Him and ask Him things. Yes He might say no. But He knows best. So when Katie asked she received an impression and felt like God said that when she danced, He smiled. A lot. And that it made Him happy to watch her dance for Him. 💝 Gulp, yup, kiddo. That sounds about right. So, my friends prayed with others to receive confirmation and believing God is in this. When all of a sudden one of the families stepped up to the place and wanted to help cover the costs of her lessons this year. Wow, Thank you Lord. I know it doesn’t always happen this way, but more than once I have seen things like this unfold since we started trusting God in the area of our provisions on a deeper level. And the coolest part? Katie get to experience a tangible level that God sees & loves HER. 👑 I believe God to be extravagant in His generosity to us. We don’t have to look further than Jesus to know this is truth.
Bless you, friends. However we live this out in having an attitude of generosity & sharing from our abundance with those in need. May our eyes be more open to see the extravagance of the love of God on our lives!

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