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Dishering and Praying

I had one of my youngest children from PowerClub today share with me that he disobeyed God. He went to his cousins house and he heard the Holy Spirit say “Do not watch that TV show” But he did anyway. He came home and went to sleep and got scared because monsters were in his room. He ran into his mothers room and told her to please read the book Monsters in my closet. She said “Why” He said because I need it. She said to her son “what is going on” He told her what happened and told him he didn’t need the book.” She said ” You know what to do” He prayed out to God crying and saying I am so sorry and then stood up and told those monsters to go away in Jesus name. His Mother told me he went into his own room and fell fast asleep. We need to listen to the Holy Spirit. He knows what is best. When we hear his voice we need to obey.

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